Friday, May 02, 2008

Earn $25 cash instantly!!! (And more for referals) REALLY!!

Revolutionary Money Exchange is an online account that allows you to instantly transfer money online. It costs you zip, zero, nada (in other words FREE) to open an account and you can earn money while doing it!
Here’s how you can earn $25+ dollars through Revolutionary Money Exchange: Sign up! Just open an account and you’ll receive $25. Refer your friends! For each person who signs up because of you, you will receive $10 and you can earn up to $500!! Offer expires May 15th.
Click the button on the left of my page to sign up now! Still skeptical? Read some reviews from MoreThanEnough's site Click here. NOTE** I have personally done this and recieved my $25.00 It works!!


~LL~ said...

ok...I'm MILDLY concerned that you are able to find all this stuff. LOL!!!

You need to attach a counter (I use sitemeter) and see how many hits you get. :D LOVE YA!

alice said...

lol!! Thanks- I will take that as a compliment! I just signed up for sitemeter and am anxious for any other blog suggestions you can offer!! :)